We are committed to safety and protection of our environment.

Social responsability

Work safety, security and accountability to people and the environment.

We want to trace!

Total Quality Policy

We strive for excellence and we follow the European Total Quality Model EFQM.

Social responsability

Commitment to the security of our environment

Because our philosophy is based on the quality of the products and services that we offer, used among other applications for protection, not just the equipment, but on the people and environment that interacts with them. Because we are characterized by the protective instinct, furthermore we assume our responsibility on internal security matters and Prevention of Occupational Health and Safety Risks and recognize the right to health that a worker has during the course of its activity in our company.

We base our success and future on the following principles:

We guarantee a job with adequate health and safety conditions that provides comfort and satisfaction to the user.

Manufacture products and provide services in quality and quantity enough, for the needs of our customers, but in the safest possible conditions for the people who use them.

Through continuous improvement, we will encourage prevention activities and will take measures to avoid, or possibly reduce the risks originated from work activity.

Commitment to environmental protection

We want to leave our mark! So we help to reduce emissions to air, applying sustainable design criteria for products based on their environmental characteristics and energy efficiency, setting objectives and goals for forecasting, reducing and where possible, the total elimination of pollution that results or may result from our activities and products, and in all our actions optimizing the use of natural resources and energy, always with a sustainable criteria.

We also encourage these values in the company, with our suppliers and our customers to achieve the least environmental impact at all levels, as commitment as well as initiative on daily work basis. Is also guaranteed with the development of specific products for alternative energy generation applications that helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Commitment for social liability

Encouraged in our values, like the relationship between people that are part of our company and the involvement of them in their work, also supported by our suppliers, who join forces to our work with commitment, and also supported by our customers, who with their confidence allows our cooperation and all this work and trajectory.

Our voluntary liability as a company committed to respect and disseminate fundamental values of human rights, which being promoted by environmental works, and ethical values in business has led us through this and everything before to write our own social sustainability report according the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative.

Total Quality Policy

As a company committed to quality, as in our products as well as in our processes, we operate according to the European Total Quality Model EFQM. We use continuous improvement techniques and seek constant improvement in order to satisfy our internal and external customers and suppliers, shareholders and all of our social environment. So furthermore, we have been certified in the year 1995 according to ISO 9001, and in 2007 additionally according to the ISO-14001 and the OHSAS-18001: 1999.

Looking for excellence in the quality of our products, numerous quality controls are carried out during the manufacturing process, according to the implanted system, and also it is required that all suppliers have a ISO 9000 quality certificate in order to be an accepted supplier of raw materials. On each material are performed routine inspections to ensure quality reception of raw materials, being generated compliance reports.

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